I'm a self-published author with three novels on Amazon. You can find my books here.

NEMESIS - A suburban thriller that poses the question: What would you do if you were the given the chance to have your worst enemy killed, free of charge, without any chance of facing repercussions? Would you take it? Check out this high-concept thriller. THE LEK - An irreverent, dystopian satire set in a world where procreation is strictly regulated, and men have to compete in a deadly tournament known as The Lek for the right to reproduce. Be sure to check out this X-Rated version of the Hunger Games.

THE DEVIL'S THRONE - A modern Gothic set in the Heart of Europe. A love story that inspires even the Devil. An ancient artifact promising power and immortality, but at a deadly price.

Come in, have a seat, and enjoy…The Devil’s Throne.


For fiction, I tend to write satires, high-concept thrillers, horror, and comedy novellas.

On Medium, I like to write about a whole range of topics, including: writing, publishing, book and movie reviews, business, investing, finance, cryptocurrency, culture, social commentary, humor, and technology.

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Some of my favorite authors include Ira Levin, Stephen King, Arthur Hailey, and Harlan Ellison. I also greatly admire writer/directors Rod Serling, David Cronenberg, James Cameron, and Taylor Sheridan.

I regularly donate blood to the Red Cross. I first gave blood as a junior in high school back in 1999 as a way to get over my phobia of needles. I highly encourage others to give if they can. It's healthy, helps others in need, and you get a brief mini-physical everytime you go. You'll also get a heads up if you have any health issues as your blood is rigorously screened after you've donated.

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Novelist. I also enjoy writing about topics like business, investing, culture, and technology.